The “Who Am I?” Programs on AIB TV

Who Am I? is a psycho-spiritual program hosted by 40-year veteran and board-certified psychologist, Dr. Allen Carter. Each week on AIBtv for the past five years, Dr. Carter has addressed different aspects to spirituality by daring the viewing audience to “Awaken to Absolute Truth.”

Who Am I? | On AIB TV

Tuesday 8:30 PM  |  Saturday 1:00 AM

  • Comcast Channel 5
  • Att-Uverse Channel 6

With an unapologetic passion for truth, Dr. Carter delves into areas that many may find controversial and even contrary to traditional religious beliefs and norms. But he is unnerved.

In fact, Dr. Carter explains, the root word for “religion” is religio — meaning, binding back to the source. Therefore, he remains steadfast to the exploration of that which exists beyond beliefs…the truth that surpasses all understanding.

The show’s format borrows from Dr. Carter’s experience as a college professor at Morehouse College where he taught psychology for more than 28 years. In a simulated lecture setting, he engages with class members on various topics every week in an effort to address some of history’s most profound questions, “What is life?” “What is death?” and of course, “Who am I?”

Similar to the enlightened and iconic beings that walked the earth centuries ago, (Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad), Dr. Carter is on a mission to know thy Self.

The Real Truth About Relationships

Running time: 28:30


Running time: 28:30

Prayer Part II

Running time: 28:30

In order to begin the trek of truth, Dr. Carter often laments about the importance of having a solid foundation to launch understanding. In other words, there must be a fundamental truth that all participants can agree upon. He says, the truth, by definition, must be unchanging and unmovable. Ultimately, he seems to land on the undeniable fact that ‘existence is’ or ‘I AM THAT I AM.’

From this starting point, Dr. Carter delves into such topics as The God concept versus The All, love, pain, relationships, fear, dreams, mind-control, just to name a few. On his chalkboard viewers will notice three questions that remain throughout each show:

  1. What is the basis of God’s identity?
  2. What is the basis of human identity?
  3. What is the basis of personal identity?

These questions serve as a constant reminder to know which “I” is being referenced as the title of the show questions. As humans, we are conditioned to experience life relative to a body. But, as Dr. Carter will often probe, “what about the ‘I’ that is beyond the body, or the ‘I’ that existed before time?”

Therefore, Dr. Carter encourages questions and uses them as a method to peel back the onion of life to get to truth. Regardless of religious beliefs, our backgrounds, class members are uninhibitedly able to ask questions, comment on the various points of view and share personal stories about their life experiences and the conditions that caused them to seek truth.

Dr. Carter further explains the mission of the show is to go beyond beliefs to help truth seekers know “Who I Am”.