carter-headshotAs a child, sitting around the dinner table with my family, I was the one who always asked questions usually to the disgust of my sisters and brother. This desire to question, to always seek the unknown is an integral part of my life’s journey and propels me to explore the inner realm of the mind and come to that which needs no question because it is the answer – the only answer. And that which does not need to be questioned because it is whole, complete and infinite is God or the I Am that I Am. Recognizing this, I began to structure a theory that delves into the most inner workings of the mind and is explained in my book: “What is This Thing Called I.” Basic to this theory is that there is only one “I” and that “I” is infinite. Man however believes that “I” refers to a personal identity that is associated with a body, a thing that has a beginning (birth) and an end (death). This however defies truth because truth has no beginning or end. Truth is eternal and infinite and cannot be placed in time or space.

To further explore the workings of the mind and the mind’s need to make man believe that his identity is a thinking, acting, feeling body, I now host and produce a television program that is offered weekly in the Atlanta area. This program has a premise that all beliefs must be questioned if one desires to know Truth or God. The program is titled “Who Am I” and is structured in a classroom format to encourage questions from the studio and viewing audience.

I therefore invite you to join me in this journey and explore every belief, thought, feeling and perception and see if we can come to the place of the Infinite Invisible. If the journey of SELF discovery excites you, please continue to explore the website and let me know your ideas